The Gift of a Sustainable Economy

By Ralph Nader As the end of the year approaches, so does the biggest consumer rush of the year, as millions flock to the stores and online vendors for the latest TVs, gadgets, trendy toys, clothes and more. The Friday after Thanksgiving, now popularly known as “Black Friday” has, in recent years, been hyped beyond … Read more

Getting Active on Thanksgiving

By Ralph Nader Thanksgiving is a time for family, food, and celebration. But it’s no secret that the holidays are also a source of stress for many people — there’s the planning, the shopping, and, of course, all the food preparation. Perhaps too many people, against their own better judgment, plop down on the couch … Read more

Tax What They Burn Before Tax What We Earn…

By Ralph Nader As America faces the so-called “fiscal cliff,” let’s turn our attention to our country’s systemic tax problem. To paint a picture, imagine our country as a mine car with its brake lines severed, barreling toward an uncertain fate. In this metaphor, the brake lines are represented by the U.S. tax code — … Read more

In the Absence of Federal Action, Some Voters Take Minimum Wage Issue Into Their Own Hands

By Ralph Nader Americans across the country raptly waited as the results from the presidential election rolled in last night. Some election results that may have flown under the radar, however, were a few ballot measures in Albuquerque, San Jose, and Long Beach that would raise workers’ minimum wage. While the president secured re-election with … Read more

Be An Expert Voter

By Ralph Nader With Election Day on the horizon, most voters have settled on their choice for the oval office. But let’s not forget about the all the other choices on the ballot, many of which will have a great affect on the lives and livelihoods of Americans — Congressional and State representatives, local officials, … Read more

Solutions Worth Debating

By Ralph Nader America has some big problems and it needs equally big solutions. In this current media-frenzied presidential race, the American people are looking to the two major party candidates — Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama — for solutions. However, they are coming back empty-handed as the candidates continue to push their party … Read more

Suits for Sale Campaign Kicks Off

For Immediate Release Ralph Nader What: New campaign to highlight negative effects of corporate campaign contributions on our democracy (Washington, D.C.) – Ralph Nader unveiled a new campaign today called Suits for Sale highlighting the negative impact of unlimited corporate spending in political elections, as allowed by the Supreme Court ruling Citizens United v. Federal … Read more

As Government Information Moves Online Millions of Americans Disconnected and Left Behind

Report Calls for the Government Printing Office to Receive Adequate Funding to Perform Its Duties  For More Information Contact: Ralph Nader or Jeff Musto 202-387-8030 [email protected] (pdf of report) Ralph Nader’s Center for Study of Responsive Law today released a new report, The Peoples’ Printer: Time for a Reawakening, by Tom W. Ryan with Jeff Musto. … Read more

Nader: New blood for the D.C. statehood movement

Washington Post Opinion July 06, 2012

By Ralph Nader

On Monday, staffers from 10 local and national civic groups will protest the colonial status of the District. They will engage in a limited general strike for statehood by arriving at work 15 minutes late, followed by longer work stoppages — 30, 45 and 60 minutes late on Aug. 1, Sept. 10 and Oct. 1, respectively.

This pilot project seems very modest when compared with previous protests by the steady but small hard-core proponents of full democracy for the District, whose residents have no vote in Congress. These advocates have petitioned, marched, lobbied, picketed, rallied, litigated and conducted many meetings with the powers-that-be on Capitol Hill and the White House. Last year, D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray, a strong statehood proponent, was arrested with 41 other citizens during a protest at Congress. All, unfortunately, to no avail.

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