The Rule of Law or the Rule of Men?

By Ralph Nader Last week, the State Department reassigned the official responsible for the “diplomatic issues” pertaining to the closing of the Guantanamo Bay prison. This was a telling sign that the Obama administration is abandoning its long-held but little-fought-for promise of closing that notorious facility where a majority of prisoners proved to be innocent, … Read more

The Power of Government Purchasing

By Ralph Nader In America, the term “innovation” is often exclusively attributed to the profitable successes of private businesses — specifically big corporations like Apple, Google and Microsoft — which are considered by many to be the purveyors of all technological advancement. Recall Mitt Romney repeatedly shouting “government doesn’t create jobs” during a presidential debate … Read more

Banding Together

By Ralph Nader Technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, high-speed internet, high-definition screens, GPS devices, and other innovations have markedly changed the way many Americans spend their time. Think of all the tools and devices that have developed in the past decade alone that make it easier to find travel information, … Read more

Who Can Stop the People?

By Ralph Nader If your next-door neighbors were the U.S. Congress, spending your income and using their power to influence your life, would you pay close attention to them? Over the past several weeks, Congress has been the focal point of much controversy for its inability to come together on a comprehensive fiscal cliff deal … Read more

Make Civic Engagement a Priority in the New Year

By Ralph Nader Many people view the New Year as a time for resolutions — losing weight, exercising more, staying in better touch with friends, taking up a new hobby. Here’s something you don’t often hear of when considering New Year’s resolutions — devoting more time to civic life. Our nation has millions of runners, … Read more

The Commercialization of Family

By Ralph Nader Family is the foundation of our American society. In many ways, the family unit is one of the last bastions of decency holding out against encroaching corporate commoditization — the corporations can sell food, medicine, clothing, entertainment, even child and elder care, but they can’t provide the love, selflessness and generosity that … Read more

Public Works Work

By Ralph Nader The United States of America is the richest country in the history of the world. So why is its foundation literally crumbling away? Our roads, schools, bridges, public transit, public water and sewage systems and national parks are in serious need of repair and modernization. Every year this deterioration worsens, it brings … Read more

The Gift of a Sustainable Economy

By Ralph Nader As the end of the year approaches, so does the biggest consumer rush of the year, as millions flock to the stores and online vendors for the latest TVs, gadgets, trendy toys, clothes and more. The Friday after Thanksgiving, now popularly known as “Black Friday” has, in recent years, been hyped beyond … Read more

Getting Active on Thanksgiving

By Ralph Nader Thanksgiving is a time for family, food, and celebration. But it’s no secret that the holidays are also a source of stress for many people — there’s the planning, the shopping, and, of course, all the food preparation. Perhaps too many people, against their own better judgment, plop down on the couch … Read more

Tax What They Burn Before Tax What We Earn…

By Ralph Nader As America faces the so-called “fiscal cliff,” let’s turn our attention to our country’s systemic tax problem. To paint a picture, imagine our country as a mine car with its brake lines severed, barreling toward an uncertain fate. In this metaphor, the brake lines are represented by the U.S. tax code — … Read more