Corporate Reforms and Self-initiatory Powers for the People

The goal of corporate law and order requires the following:

1. Larger law enforcement budgets for smarter law enforcement and sanctions that will pay for themselves many times over just in fines and disgorgements.

2. Broader facilities for workers, consumers and taxpayers to band together and usable rights to access the courts and regulatory agencies for their grievances. To shift power to the people who pay all the bills.

3. Real powers for investor-shareholders, the owners of corporations, to control their hired corporate hands who think they can mismanage and plunder the corporate treasuries for their own staggering enrichment.

4. Effective protections for whistleblowers who expose wrongdoing to the authorities, the media or civic groups.

5. More flexible regulatory options to avert the endless delays that corporate attorneys can inflict on any agency proceedings that enforces the law against violations and issues strong, updated health, safety and economic honesty standards.

6. Revive the antitrust laws to break up cartels, monopolies, oligopolies, and giant multinationals that are deemed “too big to fail, tax, or punish.”

7. Establish accessible procedures for states to revoke or suspend corporate charters when companies exhibit harmful behavior. Install provisions for environmental bankruptcies, for example, with replacement of the officers
and boards of directors by trustees whose mission is to stop and repair severe damage to public health and natural resources and reorganize the company’s environental behavior.

8. End corporate personhood to make this artificial entity unequal and accountable to real human beings, under constitutions and statutes.

9. Enact federal charters for larger corporations to establish a new social compact, between them and the people, that facilitates many of the afore-mentioned reforms. “National charters for national corporations” were supported a century ago by presidents Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard-Taft and Woodrow Wilson.

10. Enact campaign finance and other electoral reforms.