Debating Taboos 4/12 Debate


A debate series by Ralph Nader & the Center for Study of Responsive Law

What are the Pitfalls and Benefits of Using Ballistic Missile Defense?

Friday, April 12, 2013

12 p.m.

1530 P St. NW

Washington, DC

The debate, held at the Carnegie Institution of Washington building, addressed a taboo subject in electoral, political and mass media arenas. Two debaters spoke on the benefits of missile defense, and two debaters presented the pitfalls of missile defense.

  • James Woolsey and Rebeccah Heinrichs for the benefits of missile defense.
  • Professor Ted Postol and Kingston Reif on the drawbacks of using missile defense.
  • The moderator was Desmond Butler of The Associated Press.

To view the debate click here.

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