Bomber Biden Doesn’t Wage Peace, Save Civilians or Listen to American Antiwar Crimes Advocates

By Ralph Nader March 29, 2024 Joe Biden has long had a problem with PEACE – as in “ceasefires,” “serious peace negotiations,” and conditioning the transfer or sale of major weapons systems as required by five U.S. criminal statutes. From one side of his mouth, Biden urges futilely Israeli compliance with international law while on … Read more

Is the Same Old Democratic Party Ready to Correct Course? In Time?

By Ralph Nader March 22, 2024 While calling this year’s presidential election against Der Fuhrer Donald Trump the most critical ever, the Democratic Party is using the same old playbook for this year’s campaigns. The same old obsession with raising record amounts of money at the expense of presenting an authentic, vibrant agenda that will … Read more

Stop the Worsening UNDERCOUNT of Palestinian Casualties in Gaza

By Ralph Nader March 5, 2024 Since the Hamas raid penetrated the multi-tiered Israeli border security on October 7, 2023 (an unexplained collapse of Israel’s defensive capabilities), 2.3 million utterly defenseless Palestinians in the tiny crowded Gaza enclave have been on the receiving end of over 65,000 bombs/missiles plus non-stop tank shelling and snipers. The … Read more

What the Mass Media Needs to Cover Re: Israel/Gaza Conflict

By Ralph Nader February 23, 2024 Last October 27, I suggested subjects the mainstream media needed to cover relating to the saturation bombing of Gaza and its defenseless civilian families and infrastructure. Looking at these topics now, four months later, despite massive reporting, the attention to these subjects is still thin and more deserving of … Read more

Free Youngsters from Their Screens

February 9, 2024 Silicon Valley’s wardens of the Internet Gulag continue their daily abduction of youngsters into their addictive grip. Harm to the physical and mental health of millions of tweens and teens, separating them from family, community and nature, has been condemned by Democratic and Republican state and Congressional lawmakers, conservative and liberal families … Read more

Six Key Cities Can Host 2024 Presidential Debates

By Ralph Nader February 1, 2024 In 2004 author George Farah exposed the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) as a creation in 1987 of the Republican and Democratic Parties to take control away from the “uppity” League of Women Voters (LWV). The League had been the sponsor of presidential debates every four years. Farah’s book … Read more

Provoking Trump to Defeat Himself Jujitsu Style

By Ralph Nader January 26, 2024 Part of Donald J. Trump’s public persona is to behave like a pouting tween. This trait was on display Tuesday night after the New Hampshire primary results were in, showing Trump getting 54% to Haley’s 43%—the results were closer than polls were predicted. Haley preceded Trump with an address … Read more

Open Letter to Nikki Haley

November 30, 2023 Dear Nikki Haley: You served lucratively on the Board of Directors of the Boeing Corporation from April 2019 to April 2020. This unusually abbreviated tenure immediately followed the Boeing 737 MAX crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia. They were perceived as caused by Boeing’s criminal negligence. You justified your departure by opposition to … Read more

An Open Letter to Members of the United States Congress

November 28, 2023 RE: Hamas-Israel-Gaza-Genocide We are writing to exercise our First Amendment to petition Congress for redress of grievances. We are urging Congress to end the United States’ unconditional, close, and continual military and intelligence support of Israel in its ongoing physical destruction of 2.3 million Palestinians residing in Gaza. The United States is … Read more