Congressional Day of Infamy – July 24, 2024!

By Ralph Nader July 19, 2024 Unless the GOP in Congress has a last-minute rethinking, P.M. Netanyahu of Israel will enjoy his record-setting fourth address to a Joint Session of Congress on July 24, 2024. Scores of Democrats are boycotting the event. Meanwhile, in Gaza, Netanyahu is committing mass murders/war crimes and killing hundreds of … Read more

The Dictatorial Trump Court Has Put Our Democracy’s Rule of Law on Quicksand

By Ralph Nader July 8, 2024 The six “corporate state” U.S. Supreme Court Justices, occupying unaccountable lifetime unelected positions, handed over dictatorial power for presidents and corporations that disassembled our Founders’ Constitution and the centerpiece of the American Revolution. In one week! Led by the notorious Trump v. United States case these interwoven and dictatorial … Read more

Biden Trump “Debate” – Fiascos for Both Candidates

By Ralph Nader June 28, 2024 It was, of course, not a presidential debate. Not a surprise. Trump came in ready to repeat what he tells audiences at his rallies – raging, lying by the microminute, promising perfection and spewing hate at Biden. Biden – flustered, bumbling at times, stumbling over facts, at least tried … Read more

Nonfiction Summer Reading Recommendations

By Ralph Nader June 14, 2024 1. “The Emperor’s Nightmare” by Robert A. G. Monks (2022). Harvard lawyer, former CEO and Shareholder Rights Activist, Monks digs deep inside big corporate power and the devastating impact of this corpocracy on weakened democratic institutions. Constitutional reset is crucial, he concludes. 2. “Corporate Bullsh*t: Exposing the Lies and … Read more

“No One Is Above the Law” – Really Mr. Biden?

May 31, 2024 By Ralph Nader After the jury came in with its verdict that Donald Trump was guilty of a scheme and coverup to illegally influence the 2016 election, the Biden campaign issued a statement saying that the judgment demonstrated that “no one is above the law,” not even a former President. The overwhelming … Read more

Ultraprocessed Deadly Corporate Food Demands Action

By Ralph Nader May 10, 2024 About forty-five years ago, at a social gathering, I asked an executive of a Minneapolis-based large food processing company if he fed heavily sugared cereals to his children. He smiled as he shook his head. Smart person. His and other major companies producing what is now called Ultraprocessed Foods … Read more

Since 2019, None of the Tort Cases from the Boeing 737MAX Crash in Ethiopia Have Gone to Trial by Jury. Why?

By Ralph Nader and Bruce Fein April 26, 2024 For the citizenry to understand the prolonged status of the civil litigation brought by the families of the 156 people killed in Boeing’s 737MAX airplane crash in Ethiopia on March 10, 2019, we are attaching the following letter to the presiding Federal Judge Jorge L. Alonso. … Read more

New Book: Choosing Regular Food to Extend Longevity

By Ralph Nader April 12, 2024 It is not often that a best-selling author and correspondent on consumer, food, medical, and health issues comes up with an idea for all Eaters that nobody has thought of before. Jean Carper, with sixty years of experience, has done just that with her brand-new book provocatively titled “100 … Read more