Inverted Corporate Capitalism – Blocking Their Owner-Shareholders

It is the season of annual shareholder meetings for giant corporations when CEOs go through the motions of elections for their Board of Directors and approval of other resolutions. People who own stock in General Motors (GM) receive the “GM Meeting Information” in an envelope emblazoned with this disingenuous message: “Your Voice/Your Vote/Be Heard. Every … Read more

The Sadistic GOP’s Debt Limit Ploy vs. the People

By Ralph Nader May 10, 2023 Raising the federal debt limit over the years has secured unconditional routine Congressional passage and was endorsed by presidents Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump. After all, it allows the U.S. Treasury to pay past and existing bills, not expand future spending. Routine, that is, until the recent arrival of … Read more

Be a Capitol Hill Citizen on Your Congress

By Ralph Nader April 14, 2023 Spring, the season of renewal, is here. The ants are diligently building their little symmetrical ant hills. The robins are in their nests occupied with posterity. And the anointed members of Congress, after a long recess, aka vacation, return to work on April 17th. The next day, April 18th … Read more

Boomerang – Big Business Style

By Ralph Nader March 31, 2023 One measure of corporate power’s dominance is its 24/7 relentless, profit-driven capacity to strike back and prevail over reforms or other efforts designed to give the people voice and fairness. Here are some examples that should give us pause in touting civic victories: A few years ago, during lunch … Read more

Edgar Cahn – Making the Law Serve and Empower the People

By Ralph Nader March 27, 2023 To say that in any self-respecting society law professor Edgar S. Cahn (1935-2022) should have been a Supreme Court Justice and a nationally known public intellectual, who organized communities for justice, is simply to recognize his historic career in concrete American jurisprudence. He and his wife Jean Camper Cahn … Read more

Reckless Capitalist Banks Rescued by Government Socialism – Again!

By Ralph Nader March 20, 2023 Once again, government socialism – ultimately backed by taxpayers – is saving reckless midsized banks and their depositors. Silicon Valley Bank (S.V.B) and Signature Bank in New York greedily mismanaged their risk levels and had to be closed down. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), in return, to avoid … Read more