Getting Steamed to Overcome Corporatism!

There is a broad consensus in our country that “corporations have too much power.”

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Are you rightfully steamed? If so, please check at which of four levels of serious mutual commitment, you will give or raise $100 (or more if you wish) a year and devote 100 (or more if you wish) volunteer hours a year. Invite your own circle of friends, neighbors and co-workers to join you in pledging. Call them your “little republics” to start the drive for national recovery and transformation.

Yes, I pledge to contribute at least $100 and 100 volunteer hours for coordinated,fundamental corporate reforms and self-initiatory powers for the people to protect themselves, when I am directly informed to my satisfaction that:

    999 other Americans sign the same pledge (the pioneers)9,999 other Americans sign the same pledge (the founders)99,999 other Americans sign the same pledge (the drivers)999,999 other Americans sign the same pledge (the critical massers)

    Please be sure to check your preferred category. This pledge is morally, but not legally, binding.

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    Or you can download a copy of the Steamed Pledge Form and send a completed copy to:
    Center for Study of Responsive Law
    P.O. Box 19367
    Washington, DC 20036

    For more information contact us at: steamed (at)