Develop an Exit Strategy for the Endless War in Ukraine

By Ralph Nader August 14, 2023 Russia’s criminal war in Ukraine intensifies as it grinds on, World War I style with heavy casualties on both sides. While President Joe Biden keeps repeating that NATO, mostly meaning the U.S., will expand military support for Ukraine “as long as it takes.” “As long as it takes,” is … Read more

January 6th Indictment One Step Short of the Full Case Against Trump

By Ralph Nader* and Bruce Fein** August 4, 2023 On August 1, 2023, a federal grand jury indicted former President Donald J. Trump for conspiring to prevent Vice President Mike Pence, through a blizzard of knowing “Stop the Steal” lies, threats, intimidation, and mob violence, from counting judicially vetted state certified electoral votes as stipulated … Read more

Open Letter to Members of Congress: Crises Demand More Work Time Shorter Vacation

July 27, 2023 The Congress is about to embark on the longest of its numerous annual “recesses” – some would call these five weeks until after Labor Day in September a vacation from your Washington, D.C. workplace. Does it seem reckless not to be in session, holding hearings, floor deliberations, personally communicating with one another, … Read more

The Incommunicados

The Incommunicados is a 180-page compilation of unanswered letters to government officials and prominent figures in other non-governmental institutions who have become impenetrably cocooned and unresponsive to the public. Ralph Nader and Bruce Fein present their unrequited correspondences to major public figures on pressing issues facing the United States. These include the COVID-19 pandemic, foreign … Read more

Hot Off the Press: Capitol Hill Citizen for Your Civic Empowerment

By Ralph Nader July 17, 2023 Our Capitol Hill Citizen (CHC) newspaper is just out with its latest edition. (To obtain a copy visit All forty pages in print only (more on that later) are devoted to empowering voters with news beyond official source journalism. The mainstream press pushes reporters to rely on official … Read more

The Surging Arrogance of Corporatism

By Ralph Nader Most heads of giant corporations are drunk with their own power. These corporate CEOs push the envelope in ways that harm defenseless people. They believe they can get away with anything, and they do, with few exceptions. The few corporate crime prosecutions keep declining from Obama to Trump to Biden, due to … Read more

The Frankenstein Chatbots are Erupting – Will the People Counter with Ethical and Enforceable Legal Frameworks?

By Ralph Nader Rick Claypool is a level-headed policy analyst and number-cruncher for Public Citizen, who is known for reporting the decline in corporate crime enforcement with each succeeding Presidency. (Biden less than Trump). His latest report (with Cheyenne Hunt) clearly shows him in an unusually agitated state. Its title is “Sorry in Advance!” Rapid … Read more

Technology Needs Assessments by Congress Municipalities and Local Civic Groups

By Ralph Nader June 9, 2023 The pace of for-profit technological innovations is accelerating, but to what end beyond corporate sales? The gap between marketing new high-tech products and assessing their intended and unintended consequences has never been greater. Let’s start with the ballooning of augmented reality inside virtual reality. Facebook’s Oculus Rift escapism has … Read more

Inverted Corporate Capitalism – Blocking Their Owner-Shareholders

It is the season of annual shareholder meetings for giant corporations when CEOs go through the motions of elections for their Board of Directors and approval of other resolutions. People who own stock in General Motors (GM) receive the “GM Meeting Information” in an envelope emblazoned with this disingenuous message: “Your Voice/Your Vote/Be Heard. Every … Read more

The Sadistic GOP’s Debt Limit Ploy vs. the People

By Ralph Nader May 10, 2023 Raising the federal debt limit over the years has secured unconditional routine Congressional passage and was endorsed by presidents Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump. After all, it allows the U.S. Treasury to pay past and existing bills, not expand future spending. Routine, that is, until the recent arrival of … Read more