Everyone Loses in the Conflict Over Ukraine

By Ralph Nader February 25, 2022 When two scorpions are in a bottle, they both lose. This is the preventable danger that is growing daily, with no end game in sight between the two nuclear superpowers, led by dictator Vladimir Putin and de facto sole decider, Joe Biden. Putin’s first argument is, Washington invented the … Read more

California Advocates Counterattack Corporate Crime and Control

By Ralph Nader February 18, 2022 Want to unite conservatives and liberals in the Red and Blue states? Just mention those unreadable computer-generated bills we all get online or in the mail. Overflowing with abbreviations and codes, they are inscrutable, especially health care bills. If you call the vendors for an explanation, be prepared to … Read more

Ezra Klein and His Vast Inner Space

By Ralph Nader February 12, 2022 I read the New York Times in print, flipping pages and reading through all the various sections. Over the past year, a nearly life-size face appears in many full-page ads. This same ad appears in any section of the Times including the coveted pages of the Sunday New York … Read more

Facilitating Civic and Political Energies for the Common Good*

By Ralph Nader February 2, 2022 Some readers responded to one of my earlier columns urging the national progressive civic groups, with millions of members back home, to overcome the dominance of giant corporatism with a Ten-Year Plan budgeted at $1 billion a year (See, Think Big to Overcome Losing Big to Corporatism, January 7, … Read more

Lost Opportunities in Joe Biden News Conference

By Ralph Nader January 21, 2022 President Joe Biden broke the record for the longest presidential press conference ever – going nearly two hours fielding question after question. He stood that long to prove his stamina and dispel bigoted charges of ageism. How did he do by his own standards? First, his opening remarks naturally … Read more

Eight New Year’s Resolutions for NPR to Consider Now

By Ralph Nader January 14, 2022 The reasons Congress created NPR (National Public Radio) under the Nixon Administration was to fill the yawning gaps of commercial radio in local, national, and international news coverage and to give voice to the people, without ads. It was to be publicly funded by taxpayers. Almost 51 years later, … Read more

Think Big to Overcome Losing Big to Corporatism

By Ralph Nader January 7, 2022 The progressive citizen groups, that in the sixties and seventies, drove through Congress the key environmental, worker, and consumer legislation, since unmatched, must feel nostalgic. Those were the years when legislation throwing cruel companies on the defensive was signed by arch-corporatist, President Richard Nixon, because he read the political … Read more

What are Torts? They’re Everywhere!

By Ralph Nader December 29, 2021 What exposed the Tobacco industry’s carcinogenic cover-up? The lethal asbestos industry cover-up? The General Motors’ deadly ignition switch defect cover-up? The Catholic Church’s pedophile scandal? All kinds of toxic waste poisonings? Not the state legislatures of our country. Not Congress. Not the regulatory agencies of our federal or state … Read more